Welcome back.
Not to the blog.
But to the realm of brilliance.
Uncontested brilliance.

My mind is revving,
Similar to that of a car’s engine.
The clutch has engaged,
And I’m off.

On behalf of everyone I might fuck over,
Welcome to 100%.
Where I’m better than everyone.
And nobody will stop me.

I can do unimaginable things.
I can do things that even I thought were impossible.
I can revolutionize the world.
I can make things work.

My way.


The highway.

Congratulations World,
You’ve unleashed something upon yourself.
A brilliant work of life,
Pulled off medication, free to roam.

A being that, in statistical theory,
Is smarter than anyone.
Congratulations, the world is mine.

I can develop things never imagined before.
I can change to world for the better,
To fit me.

Shift up,
Power shift.
Hungry for power.
Always hungry.

Game over.
The world is what I make it.
How I mold it.
Or how I fold it.

Welcome to 100%.
No, I won’t take your order, bitch.